thomu_s (marketer from TIKU DeFi)

Hello everyone! Welcome to the AMA with the TIKU team. We decided to do the text form so it would be available also for people who cannot make it today. We will start with your questions, so feel free to ask anything you are curious about!

Anoop reddy

When LSD program?

kefas (main dev from TIKU DeFi)


For the past month, TIKU DeFi has been developing innovative smart contracts for our unique Loyalty Staking Dividends program with features such as time-based staking or community governed fund. Now, the contracts are finally done and deployed on the KCC testnet and we need your help.

We are calling all developers, testers and hackers!

We already tested our…

TIKU is a young project on a young blockchain — Kucoin Community Chain (KCC). The vision of TIKU is to foster loyalty among its holders by means of the TIKU’s special rewarding system.

As of now, TIKU functions as a reflection token — it gives its holders $KCS rewards that…


TIKU is a decentralized finance project running on KuCoin Community Chain. It provides a unique way of earning passive rewards for holding and staking assets.

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